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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.


Our Mission


HappyFeelsGood was created from life experiences, mindset work, wellness, self-development and a shared passion to guide and support others on their own transformational journeys.  Through our “can do” attitude, internal work, belief systems and happy healthy living, HappyFeelsGood provides a blue print to discover and use your skills to be of maximum service to you life, your relationships and your business.  Our mission is for you to wake up each day inspired and empowered to turn “your light” on and BE living your best life.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to help support others to find their own authentic voice and to create a vision to live their best life. Our Programs address health and wellness, relationship and communication, career, wealth mindset, and youth leadership. 


About Us



Meredith Koloski, is a choreographer, yoga teacher, and Growth Advisor whose mission is to teach that we are all the choreographers of our own lives crafting and co-creating each day. Her goal is to use mindset, movement and nutrition to help guide her clients to recognize habits and patterns that may be holding back their “happy” and guide the tuning in, tapping in and turning on process. Tuning into our divinity, tapping into the spirit warrior that resides within and turning on our lights to unapologetically shine brightly out into the world. Through her own health struggles, her passion to explore movement as a form of therapy and holistic healing modalities around thyroid and endometriosis issues she created endOMyoga. Workshops designed to help those with dis-ease (spirit, mind, and body) become less overwhelmed and more empowered advocates for their own self love and well-being. Meredith is a holds a MFA with an emphasis in dance choreography and kinesiology from Arizona State University, is a certified Yoga Teacher with specialization in power flow, pre-natal and Thyroid Yoga, a Certified Growth U Advisor, NASM personal trainer, Sprit Junkie Level 1 master and wellness coach. She is a proud, happy mom of a brilliant seven year old boy and a grateful step mom to three extraordinary humans.


Mo Stack sees each day as a fresh opportunity to seek out new adventures. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face. Mo learned long ago that happiness is an inside job and life is too short to waste time thinking small. He responds to adversity by stepping up with grace and fortitude. Mo personal development journey started 30 years ago. Decades of self-study and the daily practice of spiritual principles aligned with the 12-Steps and Eightfold Path of Buddhism attracted Growth-U into Mo’s life and the rare invitation to become a founding growth leader for the company. Mo successfully completed the 200 hour training program to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Level 1 Master program, and is presently completing the requirements to be a Certified Program Advisor. He stands firm in his belief that we all possess limitless potential. Mo is a devoted family man and the proud father of three teens and an exceptional seven year old, a leader of his family’s 100 year old, Hoboken based real estate enterprise, a 3-time Ironman triathlete (140.6 miles), a SUP ocean and river racer, old school surfer and skier and longtime Deadhead. He appreciates everyone and everything and believes his true life purpose is to share his life experience, strength and hope with others so they too can realize their full potential and BE the best they can be. Mo’s vision is to impact millions of lives by simply sharing the love and laughter of his soul with everyone he meets.


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