EndOM yoga focuses on tuning into our intuition, tapping into using our authentic voice and turning on our own creative light to raise our vibes and flow with ease. The goal is to become empowered to face and remove blocks of dis-ease and co-create a life of vibrancy, love, and healing. Our mindset is the choreographer directing the dance between our mind, body and spirit. What we focus on we find. Using mindset work, integrative wellness practices, breathe awareness, meditation, mantra (affirmations), movement and yoga poses (asana) we learn to the power of listening to our pain as signals and being gentle with ourselves. We also begin to remove stagnant energy and the process of self-healing physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.


In 2013 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis and endometriosis and began my journey to find ways to cope with and manage my autoimmune and hypothyroid symptoms since modern medicine is very limited when it comes to our thyroid health. I began working with my teacher, Fern Olivia, founder of Thyroid Yoga, and after experiencing the benefits I became certified to share these healing practices with others. This class if for anyone suffering from autoimmune symptoms or teachers or anyone interested in
learning more about how the live with or support others. Through practices of yoga, Asana, breath work, sound current, Ayurveda, Functional nutrition we learn tools and technologies to intuitively support our health and support recovery from imbalances effecting the thyroid and glandular systems.

Choreography and Dance